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“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.” — Zero Dean

From The Path Less Traveled Productions seeks to connect with interesting people from all walks of life who have interesting stories to tell, important lessons they want to share, and causes they want to highlight.

We are seeking people who have struggled on their journey so that we can help highlight their stories and the lessons they’ve learned as a result. What you’ve learned from your journey is of far more significance to us than how successful (or not) you consider yourself to be.

We are also seeking anyone who is currently on — or who has experienced — an unconventional path in life. This includes uncommon or unconventional jobs, life circumstances, living arrangements, and more. But anyone with an interesting story to tell, valuable lessons they want to share, or important causes they want to promote is welcome. 

From homesteaders, off-gridders, and vanlifers to professional and aspiring artists of all kinds (performers, entertainers, musicians, image creators, models, and more), we will be taking an honest look at people’s successes, setbacks, failures, and struggles in life and the lessons they’ve learned as a result.

What’s coming:

🌎 THE JOURNEY: In late June/early July 2019, FTPLT founder, Zero Dean (author of Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled) embark from San Diego on a journey across the country to meet with and interview interesting people who have interesting stories to tell, valuable lessons to share, and important causes they want to promote.

📺 VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Subjects will be interviewed and share their stories and lessons on camera.

🔊 AUDIO PODCAST: To allow subjects to go into greater depth, tell longer stories, and share more lessons, videos will be supplemented with audio that will be presented as a podcast.

If you would like to be considered, contact us and/or join our community.

🎬 CASTING (Nationwide): Interview subjects for A Path Less Traveled Production

Casting a collaborative ongoing internet-based video podcast/documentary composed of video interviews of talent accompanied by still image portraits and supplemental video.


Seeking subjects willing to talk about their lives and challenges they’ve faced including setbacks, failures, passions, art, inspirations, special talents, interesting stories, causes you believe in, and more; because this is a collaborative experience, the exact outcome will vary with each individual.

Select portraits of subjects will be highlighted in the podcast as well as video interviews; with your permission, filming may involve accompanying you during your day to capture you doing what you do.

Nationwide. Starts in Southern California.

Originally posted on Backstage.