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Current Status

I departed San Diego on August 27 and made my way across the USA and up to Maine before turning south to avoid the coldest winter months.

I am currently in Florida where I will be interviewing people here and waiting out the winter for the next couple of months.

Where to experience the content...

I am currently vlogging about my travels via my ZDXP youtube channel and Instagram TV.

The video documentary segments will be released on my YouTube channel first (so subscribe there) — with rough, uncut, and behind-the-scenes footage being posted to my ALT channel at ZDXP

Ideally, I’d like to move these to an independent channel, but I’m concerned with splitting my viewership and causing confusion with regard to where to find content I create — so, for now, all of the video content I produce (including vlogs) will be posted in one place. I will re-evaluate this decision later.

I’m also toying with the idea of releasing audio podcasts on youtube as well — but may pursue more conventional outlets (to be determined).

The tour so far...