Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this project?

This is currently an independent project by Zero Dean. That’s me. I’m a writer, artist, and photographer. See about FTPLT.

How is this project being funded?

I’m currently self-funding this project which the intention of eventually starting a crowdfunded campaign to ensure it continues.

Are you open to sponsors?

Absolutely. This would be ideal. Feel free to reach out

Where will project funding be invested?

  • offset production & post-production costs
  • licensing of needed resources
  • acquire additional equipment needed for this production
  • offset travel expenses
  • expand travel locations

I would like to help contribute to this project [in some way]…

I welcome involvement from anyone who feels like they have something of value to contribute to this project and will be happy to discuss it. Please feel free to get in touch.

When will this project be available for viewing/listening to?

This is a long-term project being managed as my time & resources allow. As of this moment, I do not have an estimate of when materials will be released.

The best way to present the materials captured for this project is currently under consideration.

But the current idea is that the video segments featuring individuals sharing their stories & the lessons they learned will be released as these segments are edited. And as the video segments are released, they will be accompanied by an audio podcast conversation that supplements them.

You can view & listen to some rough cut excerpts from early video and podcast segments

Please note that the tone & style of individual segments will vary greatly depending on the guests involved. These excerpts are presented as rough examples & do not reflect final polish or presentation.

Where will this project be available?

Video segments will be released online via Youtube and/or Vimeo — other outlets are a consideration.

For simplicity, the audio podcast may also be released via these video channels, but I currently have a podcast reserved on in case I go that route.

What is the end goal of this project?

The end goal of this project is to help people share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned as a result of their experiences. And by doing so, help inspire, educate, and provide hope to others.

While this current project is being managed as a series of segments, I would eventually like to use the materials captured from this project to create a feature-length documentary.

What does being a guest involve?

Please see the info for guests page.

I want to share my story and lessons I’ve learned, how do I apply?

Please use the application forms to apply.

Where are you?

Please refer to the map below. Red marker: My location when the map last updated Blue: Heading East or North — Purple: Heading South or West


Will you be traveling to [location]?

While my future travels will (again) take me across the country and back, my exact path of travel is not yet known (and is also subject to change as I travel).

In an ideal world, I would gladly meet everyone interested in being a guest for this project wherever they live. As it is — and because I am currently funding this project and my travels out of pocket — I must plan my travels in a way that makes sense around the resources I have available to me.

For now, that means attempting to maximize the number of people I can connect with based on the proximity of other people I can connect with along the way.