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Interview details


A video interview (estimated: 30 minutes — to be edited down to 5-15). Any compelling content cut from the video interview will be included in the supplemental audio podcast.

An audio-only off-camera interview/discussion will supplement the video interview. This will be presented in a “podcast-style” fashion and will allow subjects to speak at length about whatever they wish to talk about.

When time allows: A portraits / photo shoot session. Photoshoot sessions may also include the capture of video B roll.

Video interview for short form documentary

First, you will be introducing yourself. This means talking a little bit about who you are and your background. While I want everything you talk about to be natural (and not rehearsed), you will have the benefit of getting as many takes as you need to have it come out sounding the way you want it to.

The general focus of this documentary series deals with the lessons you’ve learned on your journey. This is the message you want to share with others. And in order to provide context for what you’ve learned, you’ll want to discuss the experience(s) — or tell the stories — that led whatever it is you want to talk about.

If you think about it from a viewer’s perspective: 

  1. They want to know who you are.
  2. They want to know what it is you want to tell them.
  3. And they want to know how you know what you know, why it’s important or why they should care (if it isn’t obvious).

Simply put, subjects will mainly be providing information into something like the following:

  1. Who are you? (the introduction)
  2. What happened? (your experience)
  3. What did you learn? (the lesson)
  4. Why is it important or why should people care?
  1. Who are you? (the introduction)
  2. What did you do? (your action)
  3. Why did you do it? (your motivation)
  4. What happened as a result? (your experience)
  5. What did you learn? (the lesson)
  6. Why is it important or why should people care?

The most compelling content from the video interview will then be edited down to a 5-15 minute short form documentary where your interview will be intercut with B roll (supplemental video we capture). Videos will likely be composed of more B roll than interview footage (your voice and the message you want to share will be what carries viewers through to the end).

Currently, it is not my plan to be featured in these videos — so my questions will not be a part of the documentary, only your answers. Therefore, you will be answering questions by including the question in your answer. 

Ie. If I asked you where you grew up, you would answer, “I grew up in city name…” and not simply, “City name”. If I asked you what one of your favorite childhood memories is, you would answer, “One of my favorite childhood memories is…”

Length of shoot

Unless we decide to split up aspects of our shoot into multiple days, please expect the entire process to take up to 4 hours (this includes an audio conversation as well as video). We will shoot video for as long as it takes to get good material to work with.

When possible, the video interview will be followed up (on the same day or a different day) with an audio-only discussion that will allow subjects to speak at length about anything of interest. The audio from this session will be presented in podcast format, but may also be used to supplement video content.


Ideally, shooting will take place in any well-lit interior location that you are comfortable shooting at — and that we can gain or have permission to shoot at. Due to the nature of the shoot, it’s important that we are able to shoot in a relatively quiet location free of audio distractions. Previous interviews have taken place in or near people’s residences. 

If we are unable to shoot inside, we will be shooting outside using natural & available light. Video shoots must take place during the day when there is adequate light available.

Things to consider

  • What is your point or message you want to convey?
  • What makes your story interesting?
  • What makes the lessons you have to share valuable?
  • Why should people care about your story/lessons?
  • How do you want people to feel after your interview?
  • What (if any) action would you like people to take?

I’ll be working with you every step of the way to help you convey the message that you wish to deliver with the tone you wish to delivery it with. This should a rewarding experience. Any aspects of your interview that don’t add value to it will be edited out.

B Roll (supplemental video)

We will be shooting B roll (video footage) to help supplement the main video. This includes casual or behind-the-scenes footage of you being you. It may also involve following you as you go about your day (work, play…). We will collaborate to come up with fun and interesting things to shoot — but the goal is to shoot things that are authentically you.

Shooting will take anywhere from 1-4 hours (possibly more depending on circumstances — which will be worked out with you). It may also span multiple days & locations depending on what we decide.

Portraits / Photo Shoot (when possible)

I will also taking portraits of subjects as we shoot B roll.

Audio Interview / Podcast

Anything that subjects wish to express and talk about that falls outside the time devoted to video interviews will be done via audio. This audio will allow for casual conversation and side-discussion as well as time for additional details, lessons, and stories to be told. Audio discussions will supplement videos where applicable and will also be released as a podcast.

Casual / Formal

We will be aiming for a casual, easy-going environment where speaking is comfortable, but interviews will be catered to each subject depending on our mutual goals.

Additional details will be provided to selected applicants.

This video will give you a general idea of the format I'm thinking about...

Please note: THIS IS NOT MY WORK.

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